Should Dead Trees Be Cut Down? Tree Services Experts Advise

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Most homeowners are attached to their trees. This is because this might be the first tree they planted when they bought their property, they might have climbed the tree when they were a kid, the tree might have been their treehouse, among many other things.

Due to their attachment, even when the tree dies, they don’t want to let go, so you will often hear them asking, should dead trees be cut down? According to tree services providers, if your tree is 100% dead, you should remove it. You can remove it by yourself if you have the necessary tools and skills, but for best results and to reduce the chances of an accident happening, hire an expert to help you out.

Why should you remove a dead tree?

There are plenty of reasons you should remove a dead tree. Some of these reasons include:

They attract pests

Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects love boring into dead trees to set up shop in them. These bugs quickly colonize the tree, and they can easily spread to the neighboring trees. Rats can also build nests in the dead trees. When you have rats close to your home, you risk having a rat infestation as the rodents invade your home, searching for food and additional shelter.

Dead trees are unattractive.

A tree lacking leaves, with falling branches, or with a peeling bark is unattractive and will harm your curb appeal. The damage is more significant if looking to sell your house.

The tree could fall

A dead tree isn’t healthy, so chances are it will fall over if you don’t remove it early enough. You can’t tell when this will happen, but it will happen. When the tree topples over, it can fall on your house, your neighbor’s house, your fence, or any other piece of property that will be expensive to fix.

There is also the risk of the tree falling on someone leading to a serious injury. When someone is hurt by your tree, you are liable for the repairs or medical care needed.

The tree could be contagious.

If the tree died or is dying from a tree disease, the disease can spread to your other trees, and in no time, all of your trees will die. The infection can also spread to other plants and even flowers you had planted under the trees.

Branches many fall off.

Even if the tree doesn’t topple over, braches might as they are weak. This is usually common during a windy day or storm. Like when a tree topples over, the weakened branches can fall on your property, your neighbor’s property, someone, or an animal.

Can you decorate or paint a dead tree?

If the tree is weak and can fall and damage your property, nearby properties, or passerby, you should remove it. But if the tree is isolated and there is no risk of hurting someone, you can try painting or decorating it. To be on the safe side, we would advise you to remove it.

If you would love to keep a few souvenirs of your favorite tree, save a few of the dead branches and decorate them.

Hiring a tree removal technician

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t try removing the tree by yourself if you don’t know what you are doing. This is more important if the tree is large. When hiring a tree removal services Bethesda provider, ensure you hire the very best. Don’t skimp money hiring a cheap company as they will cause more harm than the dead tree.

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