Is It Okay To Buy Antique Rugs?

antique rugs

Yes, it’s okay to buy vintage rugs. One of the appeals of buying the carpets is that when you buy them, you won’t see someone else with a similar carpet. This gives you peace of mind that your room will always be unique.

Vintage rugs are often of high quality, so they tend to last for a long time.

While antique rugs are excellent to own, you shouldn’t buy any rug you come across. Take your time to find one that is right for your application. Some of the things you should look out for when making the purchase include:


Where does the rug come from? This is vital to know. The best rug to go for is one from the Middle Eastern region, specifically Turkey. This is because turkey is one of the first civilizations to develop weaving and known world over to have honed the art.

Two of the best rugs to own are Kazak and Caucasian rugs. These rugs feature a geometric design and are elegant to look at.

You can also buy Persian antique rugs from Iran. They are of high quality and steeped in tradition.

Even wear

Since you are looking to buy a used rug, there is no way you can find a rug in perfect condition. The carpet will be worn out. What you should look out for is a rug that is evenly worn out. This means that the inconsistencies on the rug should be balanced.

A vintage rug that you will be proud of is one that is worn out uniformly. No one place should be more thrashed than the other.

Style of making

Machine-made rugs and carpets are cheaper, and there is nothing wrong with buying them, but if looking for rugs with an artistic touch, go for a handmade rug.

This calls for you to be ultra-cautious when making the purchase. For one, a handmade rug doesn’t have a backing on it, rubber, or any other material. When you come across such as the rug, it’s most definitely machine made.

Handmade rugs are woven on a loom through a series of wefts and warps so that you will have the same design both at the back and front of the carpet.

The seller

The person selling the rug is as good as the rug, so be ultra-cautious whom you are buying from. If purchasing the rug online, do some research about the seller. Read the customer reviews to confirm that the seller sells authentic, high-quality rugs.

If buying the rug from a physical shop, personally visit the rug store and see what they have in stock. When at the store, walk around and see the different mats on display. You also should pay attention to how the owner speaks. Do they sound genuine? If they don’t, try out another store.

Look at the fibers

The best rugs are those made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, and silk. The fibers are strong and durable. They also dry easily, and you can easily clean them. Rugs made from natural materials have a unique luster to them.

Take good care of the new rug

After buying the vintage rug, you should take good care of it. One of the things you should do is to clean the carpet properly. Wash the rug every two to five years. When doing it, avoid using an electric vacuum as the suction is too aggressive and can damage the area oriental rugs Vienna VA.

Hand wash the rug or take it to a professional rug cleaner.

When it comes to placing the rug in your home, avoid placing it in an area where it receives a lot of sun as it will fade.

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