Are central heat and AC the best options for my home?


Electric vs. Gas Heating

The best heating options for your home depend on a variety of factors.  AC Repair Specialist of DC can help you determine whether central heat and central air conditioning are the best heating and cooling options for your home!  Electric heat tends to be more effective in larger homes while gas heat is preferred in smaller, cozier homes.  Most home heating systems in the USA are run on forced air heating; however, a small percentage are run by hydronic heating.  Your local heating and AC contractors can help you select an energy efficient heating and AC system that will help you save money on your monthly utility bills.

Energy Efficient HVAC Options

Some of our favorite energy efficient heating options include radiant heat, ductless heating and solar heat.  If you register with your heating company, there is a chance they will let you save money depending on your residential heating system.  Radiant heat flooring is another favorite of ours because it makes for a very warm and cozy atmosphere in your home!  If selection a new heat system seems daunting, don’t worry!  There are plenty of local heat contractors to help you figure out which types of heating will be most cost-effective for your particular home.

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