What are my best energy efficient AC options?

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Air Conditioners

Summer is coming up quicker than you think, and before you know it your air conditioning system will be at full blast!  Many homeowners are upset about how much they’ve had to spend on central heating the past few months due to our extraordinarily long winter.  If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your HVAC costs throughout the year, there are a number of energy efficient systems to consider instead of the traditional choice of central air and heating.  A few of the most popular energy efficient AC systems in your area include solar air conditioning and ductless air conditioning.

Ductless AC Systems

While central air conditioning creates an environment of total comfort in your home, it can also drive up your air conditioning costs a significant amount.  If you leave your central air system on while no one’s home, that’s a lot of unused air that you will still have to pay for.  Consider installing a solar air conditioner as an alternative!  Not only will a solar AC system help save you money on your monthly heating bills; you can also earn a tax credit on your federal return for using such an environmentally beneficial air conditioner.

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