Outdoor Kitchen Contractors: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Installing An Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen contractors

Outdoor kitchens allow you to entertain or simply dine outside with your family without making too many indoor trips. Outdoor kitchens have recently exploded in popularity, and if you feel you should have one in your home, there is no harm in going for it.

According to outdoor kitchen contractors, you shouldn’t just install the fireplace. You need to ask yourself several questions that include:

Can you afford to build an outdoor kitchen?

The convenience of preparing your meals outdoors comes at a cost. The cost of an outdoor kitchen depends on the comforts you desire, the contractor you hire, and many other factors. You don’t want to start the project then stop in the middle, do you?

Before you start, you should know the full amount of money you need to build the outdoor kitchen to completion. To make this possible, work with an experienced contractor who will help you in coming up with a budget.

How often will you be using it?

When looking to install an outdoor kitchen, you want to be using the kitchen, but different homeowners use their kitchens differently. If you are planning to invite the guests over regularly, design the kitchen to have an area to prepare food and space for the guests to relax.

On the other hand, if you don’t often host guests, and you only use the kitchen with your family, you can design the outdoor kitchen to be as expansive or cozy as you like. Again, work with an experienced contractor who will help you achieve the look you are looking for.

What appliances do you need in your kitchen?

You can install any appliances you want. It all depends on your budget. The most common appliances you need include:

Grills and smokers: For you to cook outside, you need something to cook on, and grills and smokers are an excellent choice. These appliances come in different designs and sizes, and all you need to do is to choose the one that fits your kitchen and style.

Ice maker: An ice maker makes sense when you entertain a lot hence needing a lot of ice. There are many types of ice makers you can go with. The most common ones being built-in and portable ice makers. Work with your contractor and find out the best ones for your application.

Built-in refrigerator:  The refrigerator makes it easy for everyone to quickly get their water bottles, juice boxes, beer, and sodas. The fridge also prevents family members or guests from continually having to go in and out of the house.

The size of the refrigerator you install depends on the number of people you will be having at the outdoor kitchen. If you regularly have friends over, invest in a large appliance, but if it’s only you and your family members, a small appliance is enough.

Built-in kegerator: Do you drink a lot of beer?  You should have a kegerator in place. The best kegerator to go for is one with at least two taps. This one allows you to offer different types of beer without having to add another appliance.

Where will you construct the outdoor kitchen?

Just like when constructing a pool or any other unit, you should pay close attention to the location of the outdoor kitchen. Think about the door you will be coming out to get to the outdoor kitchen, the direction you will be facing when cooking or entertaining, and the distance of the outdoor kitchen from other features such as spa and pool.

To have an easy time choosing the ideal location, work with experienced outdoor kitchen contractors.

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