How effective is ductless air conditioning?

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Are you thinking of switching up your home air conditioning system before the summer hits?  Many homeowners have recently been ditching central air conditioning for more eco-friendly air conditioning options such as solar air conditioning and ductless air conditioning.  If you are sick of the ridiculous electricity charges you’ve incurred from heavy use of your central AC system, it’s time to start shopping for a more energy efficient AC alternative.  You can find energy efficient air conditioner units from a variety of noted AC manufacturers including Lennox air conditioners, Mitsubishi air conditioners and Carrier air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioning

While many homeowners are becoming more interested in energy efficiency when it comes to home HVAC systems, others are still more concerned with their level of comfort.  Even if you want to keep your central air system, there are ways to greatly reduce your monthly air conditioning costs without forfeiting your central AC.  Try to keep your thermostat within twenty degrees of the current outdoor temperature; this may help you to avoid exorbitant AC costs come summertime.  However, we want to emphasize that ductless air conditioning and solar air conditioning can be just as effective as residential central air conditioning for a much lower cost.

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