What Costs the Most When Building a Pool?

Having a clear budget is the most critical part of starting any project as it gives you direction and tells you exactly where and what your money will be doing, just like a roadmap.

This is the same case when it comes to building a pool. You want to have a clear budget that tells you how much money you need to hire pool builders and invest in the project. It is also equally important to know what costs the most when building a pool so that you can have an idea of where to pay the closest attention to.

This article aims to give you a vivid idea of what to expect of the costs side of your pool construction plan.
What to Expect

The bulk expense of building a pool goes to the installation stage.

However, the cost of every process on the whole construction varies from one project to the other depending on various factors. For instance, the cost of excavation varies depending on the complexity of your landscaping.

Moreover, a lot of other costs depend on the size and design of your pool. Sometimes the cost of decking can be higher if your pool requires a very particular and intricate design that requires different specialists.

Here is a breakdown of the various costs of an average-sized pool.


As earlier mentioned, this cost varies depending on the complexity of your landscaping. However, for the purposes of this comparison, pool contractors will charge different figures for one square foot to excavate on a green landscape that has not been tampered with.

This price can vary either way depending on the number of obstacles the contractors have to deal with. The cost also varies depending on the contracting company as well as the features of the pool.


Usually pool installation is the central part of the whole process, and the prices are based on the type of pool you are installing. Here are the average estimate for different materials on an average-sized pool;
• Fiberglass
• Concrete
• Vinyl


Decking has the most variable cost of all. It mainly depends on the size and design of your pool, the materials used, and the area that needs to be decked.

The higher the complexity and durability of the materials used, the higher the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a homeowner build their own pool?

Absolutely! Building a pool is not rocket science, and if you have the basic skills required to do basic construction, then you can take up the challenge.

Do you need permits to construct a pool?

There are usually no permits required to construct a pool. A pool is considered a garden project. However, it is essential to check your local regulations before you start the project.

Can I design my own pool?

Yes! It is actually recommended that you design your own pool (or at least work with your contractor for the design). A pool is a big home project, and you must make all the crucial decisions.

In summary

In reality, there are many processes involved in constructing a pool. The cost of each process depends on many varying factors – the size of the pool, materials used, the complexity, etc. However, the installation always involves the most work and takes the most time and money among all the processes.

To get the actual cost estimates for each process of your pool project, it is advisable to request a detailed quotation from your pool contractors.

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