What Challenges One can Face in the Maintenance of Air Conditioners

AC Repair

Problems with Commercial AC Maintenance and Replacement:

Commercial AC repair and replacement is a hectic process with several issues attached with it. The main reason for such trouble is that a commercial AC system is a very powerful system. Obviously, for such air conditioning maintenance, you need a powerhouse team in order to repair, replace, tune-up or maintaining the system. The associated AC duct work in the maintenance and servicing of the system is the most critical process. It requires the services of expert AC technicians and special equipment. Only trained Ac technician could give you a state of the art service and giving satisfactory results as per your requirements. It is also recommended to take the services of the same AC contractor each time you have any issue related to the AC system. The reason for choosing the same contractor each time is that all contractors have different standards of repairing and maintaining the system. They look at different things in a different way and their approach in solving different issues could also not be the same. Neglecting this cost could trigger the problems and can also cost you a lot.


Importance of AC Tune-up:

AC tune-up is a very important maintenance process which ensures quality of service and also makes the system more economical to use. It is highly recommended to have your AC system tuned-up at least once every year. Doing it twice a year would be perfect to do. It makes the system, energy efficient and reduces the cost of operation significantly. Following are the activities which you can expect to be performed by an AC expert in tuning-up the AC system.

  • Proper inspection of the coolant levels and the AC pressure system.
  • Calibrating the thermostat.
  • Checking the temperature of the AC system.
  • Thorough inspection and tightening the associated wiring, capacitors, relays and contacts of the AC system.
  • Assuring the clearance of the condenser drain of the AC system.
  • Thorough inspection and cleaning of the condenser of the system is performed.
  • Checking the compressor amps during startup of the AC system.
  • Ensuring the safety of the system.
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