How to Identify Rug Origin

For most people, rugs are simply what they put under their feet to stay warm or add a little bit of pomp and style to their homes. But has the thought of where your rug comes from ever crossed your mind?

With different types of tribal rugs all over the world, it can be challenging for ordinary people to identify where their rugs come from. So, how do you identify rug origin?

Well, there are plenty of things you can look out for such as:

Type of knots

To identify the origin of a rug will require expertise. You must be familiar with the country and its culture. This will help you identify the type of knots they use when sewing the rugs.

The knots in a rug are based on hundreds of years worth of tradition. Thus, each region has its own knotting technique and continues to develop to this day.

Some knots are hard to distinguish, but some can easily be tied to a specific region. For instance, rugs with symmetrical knots largely originate from Turkey. Those with asymmetrical knots can be traced to Persian origin.
Although there are other types of knots, they are less widespread and may be harder to identify their origin. You may require the services of an expert to help you distinguish these types of knots.


It is always interesting when you visit different homes and see different types of rugs with different patterns. Well, you can tell where a rug is from by its design.

You will notice that some rugs have some sort of a traditional and tribal design. The rug will have rich, bold colors. Such designs are usually common in the Afghan region. The deep and dark colors are what make rugs with such designs unique to the area.


The material used will tell you a lot about a rug. The most common materials used are cotton, silk, and wool. Some cultures use expensive materials such as gold and pearls for decoration.

Cotton rugs are commonly placed in living rooms because there are a lot of movements and can withstand many washes. Silk and wool, on the other hand, are used in areas such as the guest bedroom.

The choice of material also determines the cost of the rug. Anyone with a silk rug is definitely on the level of a royal. Silk rugs are expensive as they place their owners in a class of luxury and opulence.
You will most likely find silk rugs in Persia, Istanbul, and Northwest China.


The theme used in a rug can also be instrumental in identifying the origin. Some rugs have simple drawings such as flowers, gardens, animals, and other symbols. The use of symbols and different colors carries a deeper meaning.
In such rugs, the colors used are also simple and toned-down to allow the drawings to stand out. Such rugs are mainly from China. Rugs that usually have animals can be traced back to Persia and Iran.

Bottom Line

Identifying the origin of antique rugs Northern VA is no small feat. They come in different designs, shapes, colors, and patterns that can be confusing. However, with the tips outlined above, it doesn’t have to be hard. .
Take your time to look out for clues such as distinct patterns, symbolic drawings, and the type of knots used as a guide. Remember, a lot of regions share traditions and culture, so they may borrow from each other.

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