What’s the best way to prune my apple trees?

tree trimming

Apple Tree Pruning

There are many advantages to having apple trees in your yard.  For one thing, you will always have access to delicious, healthy fruits in your own backyard or front yard!  Additionally, apple trees create a lovely, homey feel for any property that few other things can create.  Of course, as with any great privilege, there are a few key maintenance issues you must keep in mind when taking proper care of your apple trees and oak trees.  Regular apple tree pruning will help to keep your trees as healthy and visually appealing as possible.  This service is usually not complicated and generally won’t take more than an hour if you do it regularly.

Tree Trimming

While tree pruning is a relatively simple process, the same cannot be said for tree trimming and tree stump removal.  These heavy duty tree maintenance services should only be handled by a professional tree contractor with at least five years of experience on the job.  Dangerous tree trimming tools and tree removal equipment presents a serious safety hazard to anyone not intimately familiar with it.  We recommend scheduling an annual yard and tree inspection with a local tree trimming company to make sure that there are so safety concerns regarding your large trees!

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