What To Do If Your Sink Is Clogged As Given Drain Cleaning Services Providers

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Many things clog sinks. Bathroom sinks are blocked by dirt, soap residues, and hair. When it comes to the kitchen, the most common culprits are oil, soap scum, cooking grease, and food debris.

All of these materials accumulate into gunk, blocking the drain pipes. Clogging of the sinks is not only scaring, but also frustrating. Luckily, drain cleaning services providers observe that there are plenty of things you can do when your sink has clogged.

What to do when you have partial blockages and a slow drain

Sometimes debris and gunk will build up around the walls of your drain pipes, causing water to drain too slowly. When having this problem, there are several ways in which you can clear the blockage.

Begin with running hot water down the drain. You can also pour boiling water in your drains to soften the clog. If this doesn’t get rid of the clog, add grease-fighting dish detergent and more hot water.

What to do if you have a complete blockage and no drainage

If you have a sink that has completely blocked up and no water is draining, pouring hot water and soap into the drain won’t be of much benefit. Some of the tricks you can use to get rid of the clog include:

Plunging the clog: Use a plunger on the drain and see whether the clog will clear. When plunging the bathroom sink, remember to cover the overflow drain. This is to prevent the water you push with the plunger from spilling out.

Cleaning the elbow joint: If plunging isn’t getting rid of the clog, open up the drain and access the elbow joint. If dirty, clean it. To avoid spilling water on the floor, have a bucket in hand to catch any water that might be present in the pipes or sink.

Snake the drain: If you opened up the elbow joint and the clog isn’t here, you have to go deeper. One of the best tools to use for work is the plumbing snake.

With the elbow joint out of the way, insert the drain snake into the drain. You should feed it until you can’t hear it moving further. Once you hit an obstacle, rotate the snake. You should then pull out the drain snake, and you will come out with the blocking material.

Check the garbage disposal

Sometimes the clogging of the kitchen sink might be due to problems in the garbage disposal. Before you rush to hire a drain contractor, check whether the garbage disposal is clogged.

Garbage disposals often clog up due to food pieces that have stuck between the blades. These you can easily break up manually by turning the disposer blades. Don’t make the mistake of sticking your hand in the garbage disposer as the blades are sharp; hence they can easily hurt you.

Some homeowners like to complete their work fast, so they run for chemical cleaners. Don’t do this as the cleaners tend to damage the garbage disposal.

If having issues getting rid of the clogging material, ask an expert drain technician to help you out.

How can you prevent clogs and blockages in the sink?

To avoid the trouble of unclogging the sinks, you should prevent the clogs from coming about in the first place.

To prevent the kitchen sinks from clogging, avoid pouring cooking grease directly in the kitchen sinks. The best way of disposing of it is by putting it in the garbage disposal.

When it comes to the bathroom, place sink guards in the sinks, sewer cleaning Bergen companies also recommend that you dispose of any hair from the brushes and combs in the garbage. Don’t put them in the sink or toilet.

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