What are my energy efficient heating and air conditioning options?

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Residential Air Conditioning

If you pay the bills in your house, you know just how expensive paying for heating and air conditioning can be.  Just when you get a reprieve from high heating costs because of your gas heating system, the summer rolls around and you get slapped with high electricity costs due to your window AC units!  Luckily, there are several new ways to lower your home heating costs by investing in energy efficiency.  Energy efficient forms of heating and air conditioning have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country save a ton of money in just the past few years!

HVAC Maintenance

Solar heating is one of our favorite energy efficient heating options available.  In addition to providing your home with a reliable source of heat, you also have the potential to receive a tax break from the federal government for using solar panels to warm and cool your home.  Be sure to keep a seasoned HVAC contractor on speed dial who has extensive experience repairing solar heat pumps.  An experienced heating contractor can tell you which heat pumps will work the best in your home based on a variety of factors, including heat pump efficiency.

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