Pool Contractors: Tips To Choosing The Right Location For The Pool

pool contractors

When they are putting up a pool, the first question homeowners ask is where they will build it. Depending on your needs and desired pool design, there are plenty of factors you need to consider to choose the ideal pool location. Some of the factors to consider as given by pool contractors include:


The size of your yard will significantly affect the location of the pool. If you have a small space, you don’t have plenty of options to play with. In most cases, you locate the pool close to the house.

If you are one of the lucky people that have large spaces, you have a large area to play around with. You can build the pool close to the house or set it far away to create the illusion of separate space.


Of course, you don’t want to be seen by every person when you are swimming, do you? So you want to locate the pool away from prying eyes. If you live close to the main road, you should locate the pool in an area where people can’t easily see you.

Limiting factors

Your yard might be having several factors that might be preventing you from installing the pool where you would want it. For example, you can’t install an in-ground pool on a slope—the area needs to be on level ground.

Other things that might get in the way of installing the pool include:

  • Windy areas causing excessive water evaporation
  • Low lying areas that are prone to flooding
  • Local building codes
  • Accessibility to pool construction equipment
  • Property lines: Avoid locating the pool over stormwater drains, gas, electricity, sewers, and others.
  • Trees: While overhanging trees provide a welcome relief when you are relaxing by the poolside, they tend to drop leaves to the pool, meaning you have to keep on cleaning it. If you don’t want to keep on doing this, you should locate the pool as far away from the trees as much as possible.

Luckily, an experienced pool builder can help you get around these issues.

Personal preferences

We all have an image of how we want our pools to look like and where we want them located. Before you settle on a given location, think whether the location allows enough sunlight. Does the area allow you to supervise the children easily? Does it provide privacy? Can you easily store equipment and pool supplies nearby?

You shouldn’t be so uptight on the location of the pool. If constructing the pool for the first time, consult a professional pool builder or designer.

Position the pool in an area where you can easily see it from the main living area of the house to maximize the impact of the pool and have your water view.

Locate the pool just outside or next to the entertaining outdoor area. This provides the yard with a seamless transition from the house to the outdoor areas of the pool.

The pool should also be in an area where you can easily see and access the kids. This allows you to have an easy time monitoring how the child is using the pool.

Do you entertain a lot? You want to locate the pool near your entertainment area. This way you can listen to music or watch a movie while in the pool.

Parting shot

These are some of the factors that will influence the location of the pool. In addition to the pool, also think about where the kids will be playing, where the pets will be walking, among many other things. To settle at the ideal location for the pool, work with expert swimming pool builders Long Island.

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