Is solar AC or ductless AC more energy efficient?

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Energy Efficiency

Eco friendly HVAC options are becoming more and more popular throughout the country.  People are becoming more aware of the slow degradation of the environment and are willing to change something about their daily lifestyles to lessen their impact on the environment.  One way to decrease your overall carbon footprint is to invest in energy efficient HVAC systems for your home.  With summer rapidly approaching, you may be thinking about replacing your home air conditioner in the near future.  We recommend looking into either a new solar air conditioner or a new ductless air conditioner.  Both of these energy efficient AC options can save you a ton of money in the long run!

Trane Air Conditioners

The price of solar air conditioner installation is far more than any of your subsequent air conditioning bills will be.  Over time, the use of an energy efficient AC system will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your air conditioning costs.  If you’re looking for the most effective solar and ductless air conditioners out there, we can make a number of recommendations.  Some of our top choices when it comes to energy efficiency include Trane air conditioners, Carrier air conditioners, GE air conditioners and Lennox air conditioners.

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