Hiring The Right Seller’s Agent DC and Other Tips To Sell Your House Fast

sellers agent dc

If you are like other home sellers, you want to sell the house as fast as possible. Luckily, it’s possible to do it. You only need to consider these tips:

Hire the right agent

To have an easy time selling the house, it’s wise to have a seller’s agent DC by your side. Just like in any other area, no two agents are the same, so you should be cautious about how you go about it.

According to HomeLight, the top 5% of real estate agents sell their homes faster and for more money than the average agent. To sell your house quickly, you want to work with the cream of the crop.

When hiring, ask plenty of questions such as: have you sold homes in this price range? What is your marketing strategy for my home? Do you work with a team, or are you representing me on your own? Have you sold houses in this price range?

The purpose of asking questions is to get to know as much as possible about the agent.

To sell the house fast and for the most money, you want to work with an experienced professional. The first thing you should ask to see is the real estate agent’s license. This is to ensure they are qualified.

You should then go through their client referrals and reviews. This helps you to verify that they have had success selling homes, and they are the right agents to sell your house.

After you have found the right agent, go ahead and sign the listing agreement. This is a contract between the seller and the real estate agent that gives the agent the ability to market and sell the house. Once you have signed the agreement, you are bound to work with the real estate agent.

Price the house right

Every seller wants to sell their home at the highest price. While there is nothing wrong with this, you should be realistic. You don’t have to under-price the house for a quick sale, but you should price it smartly.

Your agent will help you price the house right. You can also use a home estimate tool.

Stage the house

Staging the house is highlighting the attractive features of the house so that it’s more attractive to potential buyers. You can do this by rearranging the furniture to open up space, painting the walls with neutral colors, getting rid of apparent imperfections, and many other things.


It’s common for people to be attached to their houses and want to decorate them with as many personal items as possible. When you are selling the home, you have already declared you no longer want the house.

To make the house more attractive to potential buyers, get rid of the family photos, personal papers, mail, and other items. You are better off presenting the house as a blank slate to the buyers so that they can imagine themselves living there.

Be accommodating

Different buyers might want to see the house at different times of the day. For example, you might be in the middle of lunch or out of the house, and they need to see it. Many homeowners will try to reschedule at a convenient time. Don’t do this.

You should be ready to show the house to potential buyers regardless of the situation.

Remember that when you tell the buyer or realtor DC, you can’t show the house at a given time, this might not work for them, and they move on to the next home. This might result in no buyer wanting to see the house and your house staying in the market for a long time.

As you are showing the house, it’s always wise to be different. For example, bake a fresh plate of cookies and ask the agent and buyer to help themselves. This act not only puts the buyer in a good mood, but it also makes your house memorable.

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