Condo Remodeling: How Can I Remodel My House With No Money

condo remodeling

Whether you are looking to undertake condo remodeling or any other form of remodeling, you should know that it doesn’t come cheap. Since not everyone can afford the remodeling, so you will often hear some homeowners asking, how can I remodel my house with no money?

If you feel you should improve your house’s look, but you don’t have money, there are plenty of things you can do with little to no money. Some of these things include:

Deep clean your house.

Did you know sometimes all your house needs is cleaning, not renovation? If you don’t have money to remodel the house, start with cleaning. Deep clean both the inside and outside of the house. You can do the work by yourself, but if you have some little money, hire a professional cleaning company and see the transformation.

Rearrange your furniture

Sometimes you will have the impression your house is outdated simply because you are used to seeing it the same way for years. To spruce things up, rearrange your furniture. Again, you can do the work by yourself, but if you have some money, hire an interior designer to help you with the arrangements.

While the designer comes at a fee, they will give your house a professional touch that will be appealing, and you won’t spend a cent on remodeling.

As you are making the rearrangements, get rid of clutter. This includes unused furniture, extra pillows, and any other thing you feel unnecessary in the house.

Paint your walls

There is nothing that can transform a house as fast as paint. Even if you don’t have money to paint all of the four walls, painting one wall is enough to change the entire space. To make your walls more interesting, try a special effect such as cracking or sponge painting.

Paint doesn’t work only on walls. If you don’t like how your floors, furniture, doors, kitchen cabinets, shutters, windows, or anything else looks, give it a new breathe of life with a coat of paint.

For a great appeal, be strategic in the colors you choose. For example, if looking to paint the front door, use a bright and welcoming color such as yellow, baby blue, or red.

Play around with fabrics

Curtains can make a huge difference. You can use those you already have or buy new ones (which are often affordable). You can also use slipcovers and pillows to update the look of your chair or sofa.

For the dining room or kitchen, try a new tablecloth.

If you have a sewing machine close to you and you love crafting, grab a few fabric remnants, and create your own pillows and window treatments.

Update your accessories

The same way you might have the impression your house is old and outdated due to looking at your furniture for too long, it’s the same way you are disillusioned due to having the same pieces of accessories.

Your once amazing artwork and tchotchkes can look boring if you have had them for a long time. To give your home a new look, change your accessories. You can also change their usual locations to change the look of the house.

If you don’t have money to buy new accessories, take them off the wall and store them. When you bring them back after a few weeks or months, your house will appear different and exciting.


Have you been yeaning to update your house, but you don’t have money? Now you know how to go about it without hiring home remodeling architects DC.

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