Appliance Repair: 5 Tell Tale Signs Your Refrigerator Is On It’s Last Leg

refrigerator repair

A good quality refrigerator doesn’t come cheap; therefore, even when it gives clear telltale signs that it’s time to let it go,  many homeowners don’t want to part with it.

When you hold on to an appliance that is past its days, the appliance not only consumes a lot of energy, it also keeps on breaking down hence you have to keep on hiring an appliance repair professional to repair it.

When should you replace your appliance? Here are signs you should look out for:

The food spoils before the expiration date

Who wants to deal with sour milk and moldy cheese at mealtime? Not me. Outdated refrigerators with subpar power often fail to cool the food as well as they should.

If every food you put in the fridge gets spoilt before its expiry date, you have a problem with your refrigerator that you should fix as early as possible.

Before you hurry to replace the appliance, you should note that sometimes the food gets spoilt after placing it in the wrong areas. Food safety standards dictate you should place perishable items at a temperature of 40 degrees or cooler.

Sometimes you might be thinking the refrigerator is spoilt while you can fix the problem by making a minor adjustment. So, check the temperature adjustment knob and ensure its set correctly.

If the knob is in the proper setting and the food is still getting spoilt, the fridge is definitely on its last legs, and it’s time to think about getting a new up-to-date model.

Sweating fridge

When the fridge is sweating, it means there is something wrong with it. All refrigerators have to work to maintain a balance between hot and chilly, but they shouldn’t work hard.

They also shouldn’t be working so little that water droplets form all over the exterior of the appliance.

If the moisture appears on the exterior of the appliance, inspect the fridge beginning with the door seal and fix the faulty seal if it’s the source of the problem.

If the seal looks fine or if condensation appears on the insides of the refrigerator, the internal temperature of the appliance isn’t cold enough to keep food from getting spoilt.

The fridge runs constantly

The traditional fridge motor is designed such that when the thermostat drops below a specific temperature, the motor runs the compressor until the unit cools down, after which the motor shuts off.

If the motor runs all the time at full blast, then it’s not doing its job correctly, which makes it consume more energy than it should.

Before thinking about replacing the fridge, you should first try replacing the motor. Get a good quality motor that will maintain the temperature by speeding up and slowing down the refrigerator as you should.

If you replace the motor and still the fridge doesn’t work correctly, you should now think about replacing the appliance.

The fridge is old

If your refrigerator can remember the 80s, you should highly think about replacing it. Old appliances consume a lot of energy. They also break down more often.

Even if your fridge is in perfect shape and looks great, you should highly consider getting a new unit that will not only consume low energy but also last for a long time.

The repair costs keep on going up

When the fridge is near the end of its life cycle, it keeps on developing problems, and you have to keep on repairing it, which can get too expensive.

Instead of keeping on hiring a refrigerator repair Fairfax professional now and then, you should invest in a brand-new appliance.

When buying the new appliance, ensure it’s of high quality. It also should have a high star rating so that it can consume little energy hence saving you money in the long run.

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